Unknown Facts about Septic Cleaning Services

Every three years, septic tank cleaning is a must. During this span of time, the septic tank may have already been filled with all the wastes. But still, it comes from a case to case basis. Some larger houses might need cleaning soon enough compared to those with small dwelling places. The number of occupants inside the house can even be one of the measures to know when to clean the septic tank. But if you really do not have the idea on when this cleaning is actually a need, here are some of the signs that call for your attention. One of the earliest signs when you already need septic tank cleaning is a slowly draining sink or toilet.

This would entail that the pipes may have been clogged with particles that causes the drain to have limited space where more waste can pass. But be careful not to use chemicals to correct this problem because chemicals may just cause more problems like increasing sludge on the tank. It may also cause contamination on your water systems when leaks exist. Or the pipe lines may suffer from reactions that may even decrease its capacity to do its job. Sewage odors may also be one of the signs that there is a need to clean it up.

Odors may mean that the wastes have already moved to the surface of the tank and an impending release might happen. The unpleasant odors may even come to cause irritation as the gas that it releases is hazardous to health. A clogged or overfull tank is the primary cause of many septic system problems that can be prevented through regularly scheduled visits by the “Honey Wagon”. The thing to remember when it comes the cost of pumping a septic tank out; The easier it is to for the pumper truck driver to find and access the tank the lower the overall cost will be.

Everything You Need To Know About Septic Cleaning Services

septic tank pumping, septic tank problems, septic tank design, septic tank maintenance, septic tank pumping cost, septic tank cleaning, septic tank emptying, septic tank installation, septic tank systems, how does a septic tank work, septic tank covers, septic tank risers. For millions of people living in rural settings septic tank pumping is a fact of life. With the closest municipal sewage hookup miles away a properly maintained and working septic system is vitally important and getting it pumped out at regular intervals is a part of that maintenance. In this article we will look at why getting it pumped out regularly is so important, how it is done and about how much you can expect to pay for this service.

But before we get into all that let’s take a quick look at what a septic system is and how it works. In simplest terms a septic system is an underground sewage treatment system for homes that do not have access to municipal sewer services. It typically is comprised of four parts; the waste pipe from the house, the septic tank, the drain field and the soil. All these parts need to in working order but the tank itself is the most important part. Getting the tank pumped out at regular intervals keeps it working properly and prevents clogs that can cause sewage to back up into the house and create disgusting odors.

The primary contributor to septic tank clogs are things that very biodegradable. This includes cooking grease and oils that get dumped down the drain and paper products other than toilet paper; paper towels, sanitary napkins and tampons, cigarette butts and cotton balls will all eventually degrade but they tend to get stuck in the inner working of the tank and create clogs that worsen over time. Another reason to get a septic tank pumped regularly is to check it for damage that can compromise its ability to work in an efficient manner.